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New for 2016, Canine Corral is proud to be offering Puppy Adoption and dogs. All puppies and dogs deserve loving homes. Some puppies and dogs offered for adoption are for a variety of reasons. Adopting an older puppy or dog is a fantastic option for many people. Some people choose to adopt a slightly older puppy instead of purchasing a younger puppy due to the difference in the amount of time a younger puppy demands. Puppies of any age require training and care. However, a slightly older puppy will not have to be fed quite as often, as young puppies generally require being fed three (3) times per day. They are also not as fragile as younger puppies, so some families with younger children prefer a bit of a sturdier dog or puppy. Seniors often prefer to adopt a puppy or older pet, as these companions often do not have as much energy as the younger pups. Previously, Canine Corral used to have a separate agency that adopted these puppies or dogs for us. They had done a fantastic job for us throughout the years, and we appreciate all the hard work they have provided us. However, within the past few years, more and more requests have been coming for Canine Corral to handle the adoption process directly. So have decided to offer the ability to adopt a puppy directly from Canine Corral.

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About Canine Corral Kennels

Canine Corral Kennels opened in August 1963. For the past 50 years, we have been providing high-quality Puppies for sale to families in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC, New Jersey, and the Tri-State Area. Our customers continue to come back to us for advice, puppies, and all of our high-quality food, toys, and dog supplies.
Canine Corral is the best location to purchase puppies on long Island NY! So finding puppies for sale on long island has never been easier.

Check out our selection of available puppy’s and take advantage of our coupons today! New pictures of our new breed arrivals are updated weekly. If you do not see the breed you are looking for, please call Canine Corral. We can direct you to one of our breed specialists, who can check when our next litter is going to be old enough to come into our kennel. By using our coupons or signing up for our newsletter, you will get exclusive sales, coupons, and savings throughout the year. So don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and visit us often to get the latest and greatest coupons and specials Canine Corral Kennels has to offer!

Canine Corral also offers many payment options with your new puppy. We have different financing options and even offer layaway. Please, come in and speak to a Canine Corral representative and they can help you decide the best choice for you! Imagine taking your new puppy home today and making monthly payments, while you raise and train them! Please bring in photo identification. Don’t miss out on these savings!

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Canine Corral wants you to celebrate our anniversary with us! It has over 50 great years since we have opened our doors! We have decided to celebrate by giving you the best prices possible for your new puppy and puppy supplies by utilizing our coupons below!

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