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Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale at Canine Corral Huntington Station, NY 11746
Harvey W.
Rating 5

We had an extremely intelligent short tail and legged brown spotted white female JRT, Lady, who lived 16 years until age related and hip arthritis from fall when baby paralized her hips required Veterarian intervention during 2018 after Hurricane Irma. I am deaf and wife is severely deaf-blind. She was an awesome communicator inventing her own paw language ! Was always very protective and clean. She even cleaned up after accidental discharges! We miss her dearly and want another one her size for my wife's companion and snuggle mate.

2020-12-05 00:04:20.338000
Maria B.
Rating 5

we got our dog Jack from Canine Corral in 2003. He is a sweet, loving, smart dog. Jack has been healthy his whole life. We never had a problem with him. He is currently 17 with some age related issues, however, if I were to get another JRT, I would only go to Canine Corral

2020-08-21 18:48:43.892000
Ava G.
Rating 4


2019-03-11 21:45:25
Sebastian R.
Rating 5


2019-03-11 17:17:53

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